The choice of the right search terms is crucial to find the desired photo.
You can use the search field in the header to enter the corresponding search terms.

Please note:

The upper and lower case will be ignored during the search. The search for woman also finds woman and vice versa.

The spelling of umlauts and certain ligatures or accented letters is handled tolerantly, i.e. the search for spring also finds the spelling frueling, the search for white sausage also finds white sausage and the search for piqué also finds pique. Conversely, the same applies in each case.

Search terms are interpreted as word beginnings by default. The search for woman also finds women (but not housewives).

If you enter several search words, the system searches for images in which ALL words or word beginnings occur. The order and position in which the words occur is irrelevant.

To search for a fixed phrase consisting of several words, enclose the words in quotation marks. The search for "vacation 2010" will only find images in which the words vacation and 2010 occur with exactly one space between them.

In order to exclude certain words or word beginnings, a minus sign is placed in front of them. The search for urlaub -2010 finds images that contain the word urlaub but NOT the word 2010.

A percent sign (%) or asterisk (*) in the search term can be used to replace any string. The search for %cran finds words like crane or load crane (but also seriously ill or hospital).

An underscore (_) in the search term can be used to replace any character. The search for me_er finds e.g. Meyer and Meier (but not Meer or Meister).

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